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Mining , Harare, Zimbabwe
An exciting opportunity for a professional individual to join an expanding mining company as a Mineral Assessor. The ideal candidate must have an eye for detail and be able to work under pressure. A minimum of 3 years experience working with precious minerals is required. Zimbabweans in the Diaspora are encouraged to apply. The client is deciding on a shortlist of candidates to put through to interview stage.
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Reporting Structure 
Reporting ToFactory Supervisor
Supervision OfSelf
Interacts WithStaff
Job Description
  1. Grinds, drills, and finishes jewel bearings for use in precision instruments, such as compasses and chronometers
  2. Measures size of precious mineral/stone, bore holes and cuts to ensure adherence to specifications, using precision measuring instruments
  3. Splits gem along pre-marked lines to remove imperfections, using blade and hammer
  4. Assign polish, symmetry, and clarity grades to stones, according to established grading systems
  5. Select shaping wheels for tasks, and mix and apply abrasives or polishing compounds
  6. Dismantle lapping, boring, cutting, polishing, and shaping equipment and machinery in order to clean and lubricate it
Candidate Specification 
Experience3 years
Education LevelDiploma Level
QualificationsGIA Qualification or Equivalent
SoftwareMS Office
EquipmentRelevant To The Industry
Knowledge OfMineral Assessing, Cutting and Polishing of Precious Stones
Skills ToControl / Operate / Monitor
Ability ToFocus / Work Under Pressure / Produce
PersonalityProfessional / Precise / Diligent
OtherMust Be Able To Produce Work to Market Standards
Gender ProfileMixed
Age ProfileBetween 25 and 45 years of age
Terms And Conditions 
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe

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