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Information Technology / Telecommunications

Medical Services, Harare, Zimbabwe
14 Sept, 2016- The company has chosen candidates to interview from the shortlist sent. 29 Sept, 2016- Interviews are now complete for this position.
Applications Invited Candidate Search In Progress Shortlist Sent to Client Interviews In Progress - 1st Set Job Offer Pending
Number of Hits: 329 Short Listed Candidates: 16 Candidates Interviewed: 2 70% Complete
Reporting Structure 
Reporting ToICT Manager
Supervision OfSubordinate Staff
Interacts WithRelevant departments
Job Description
  1. Prepare and deliver reports, recommendations, or alternatives that address existing and potential trouble areas in mainframe systems.
  2. Conduct research on hardware and software products to justify recommendations and to support purchasing efforts
  3. Operate mainframe computers, system software applications, and peripheral equipment and monitor production printouts, reports, and files to ensure optimal performance and uphold quality standards
  4. Operate and maintain peripheral equipment as required, including tape drives, hard disk drives, printers, and consoles
  5. Analyze, diagnose, and resolve system errors, malfunctions, mis-configurations, and job stoppages to maintain services, enhance capabilities, and prevent system outages
  6. Seek assistance from technical staff to resolve production issues and escalate system problems as appropriate
  7. Adhere to computer room security procedures
  8. Maintain turnover logs, problem logs, tape logs, access logs, and user problem report logs
  9. Troubleshoot and resolve end-user issues, and assist with end-user questions or programming inquiries
  10. Assist in development and drafting of operating instruction documents and data analysis methodologies for use by other personnel
  11. Provide guidance and/or instruction to junior staff members
Candidate Specification 
Experience1 years
Education LevelDegree
QualificationsBSc in Computer Science/Information Systems/Information Technology
Knowledge OfComputer maintenance and stationery security
Skills ToCalculate mathematically / Analyse data
Ability ToType with Dexterity / Motivate oneself / Conduct research into systems issues
PersonalityPatient / Quick
IndustryMedical Services
Gender ProfileMixed
Age ProfileBetween 25 and 40 years of age
Terms And Conditions 
LocationHarare, Zimbabwe

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