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Hospitality / Food Services

Hospitality and Catering, North Western Province, Zambia
Our client in the Hospitality and Catering Industry is looking for a Project Manager for their site in the North Western Province of Zambia. The Project Managers primary operational duty is to oversee the Group Project to ensure that the Groups standards of performance are maintained. Develop operational efficiency and source new business opportunities. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS POSITION HAS CURRENTLY BEEN PLACED ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.
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Reporting Structure 
Reporting ToGeneral Manager
Supervision OfProject Team
Interacts WithClients, Customers, Employees, Management
Job Description
  1. Oversee the Projects performance to the scope of work as defined with the client. Upon arrival on site this will be set and agreed in writing with the Project Managers supervisor. The project manager will be accountable for the Project achieving the specified standards of performance in all areas of the Projects Operations
  2. The Project Revenue and Expense budget will be set and agreed with the Project Manager on arrival atthe project. The Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing his budget project to ensure he achieves the scope of work above.
  3. Project Stock Control, Stock Levels, Stock Checking, Stock Variances & Spoilages, and Stock Ordering. The Project Manager will oversee all aspects of the projects stock control function including spot checking stock records for accuracy.
  4. Project Petty Cash or Bank Expense Accounts. The Project will be issued with an accountable Petty Cash Imprest and/or a local Imprest Bank Account. The Project Manager will oversee the accuracy of this imprest account.
  5. Project Revenue, Invoicing & Accounts Payable Control. The Project Manager will oversee all the invoices issued by the project, ensuring they confirm to client and company requirements and they are raised within a timely manner and are approved by the clients on site.
  6. Project Health & Safety. The Project Manager will ensure that his project conforms to the company and clients Health & Safety & Environmental Policies. This includes ensuring that the project completes all the relevant Project paper work, auditing and employee training as per company policies.
  7. Human Resource Management. The project manager will oversee Human Resource Management within his project. He must ensure the project delivers the stated project scope of work, to the agreed budget and develops his Human Resources Management accordingly
  8. Public Relations. The project manager is responsible for the companies public relations within the project and this includes the client, clients employees, clients superiors, clients visitors and investors and the families and people living within the project
Candidate Specification 
Experience5 years
Education LevelDegree
QualificationsDegree in Project Management or any equivalent combination of education and experience
SoftwareKnowledge computer skills, using office software such as Excel, Word and Power Point
EquipmentIndustry and Job related
Knowledge OfStrong financial background; Hotel operations and general management
Skills ToWork with a diverse team; be trust worthy
Ability ToCreative visionary; innovative; manage highly sensitive and confidential information
PersonalityCreative, self motivated, proactive and confident
IndustryHospitality and Catering
CultureFast paced, professional
Gender ProfileMixed
Age ProfileBetween 35 and 45 years of age
Terms And Conditions 
Location, Zambia

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