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The Warehouse Supervisor position reports to the Parts Manager and is responsible for leading the team in the warehousing functions of receiving, putting away, picking, packing and shipment of materials in fulfilment of sales and replenishment orders. The position is responsible for material movement and using material handling equipment. Inventory control is maintained by following instructions and procedures.

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15 Oct 2019
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15 Oct 2019
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15 Oct
Applications Suspended
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Shortlist Completed
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94 Applications
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2 Candidates Interviewed
85% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Parts Manager
Supervision Of
Interacts With
Management, Staff, Clients, Customers
Job Description
Motivate, Manage and guide the warehouse team in close collaboration with the Parts Manager.
Informs Customers which Spare Parts to be dispatched and ensures proper packing standards are up held.
Ensures adequate information is given to the customers, team, other stakeholders and all factories in cases of quantity and quality concerns.
Processes FIRs were necessary for all discrepancies related to received shipments
Maintains a FIR register detailing all activities till closure of the case and submits a monthly report to management
Maintain an efficient, effective and easy to use filing system for all records including delivery notes, import and export documentation and all other Warehouse related documentation
Ensure health and safety standards are upheld in the warehouse and threats are communicate to the Service Administrator/Management for support.
Follows and ensure subordinates are following the right procedure
Assists the Parts manager in issuing, maintaining, and improving current procedure.
Utilizes ERP system to perform inquiries on transactional history, where used and planned inventory movement in support of inventory reconciliation, receipt, transfer and shipment.
Unloads and loads trucks and containers, using material handling equipment
Ensures description, quantity, quality and packaging conforms to the standard and respective order
Picks work orders, sales orders or requests for parts and material using material handling equipment and stages the material for packing and shipment .The material is then loaded for shipment to customers.
Apply the FIFO method in the delivery of parts such as Hoses, seals, and all rubber related and major components
Makes use of Cross-docking process on urgent and due orders
Ensures shipments are packaged in the original recommended packaging
Ensures record of the personnel responsible for picking and verification of parts for dispatch is kept
Stocks items on assigned racks, shelves or bins pending verification of stocking documentation. Reports inventory variances related to stocking transactions.
Unpacks, checks quantity and condition of incoming parts and materials.
Assists in investigating, resolving and coordinating shipping and receiving discrepancies.
Ensure that received goods corresponds to the ordered ones
Performs cycle counts and assists in reconciliation; Presents the cycle count report to management
Ensure the warehouse is kept clean and tidy at all times as per housekeeping policy.
Performance storage analysis of parts (parts stored outside vs parts stored inside the warehouse)
Ensure packaging for stored parts is as per standard and intact and there are no foreign particles inside
Ensures all racks and locations are clearly labelled and marked
Effect and ensures controlled access to the warehouse
Makes sure incident reports are completed and availed to Health and Safety Department and Management when necessary.
Candidate Specification
2 years
Education Level
Diploma Level
Diploma in Purchasing and Supply
MS Office and ERP
Job related
Knowledge Of
Documentation used in import and export of goods and supply chain processes; fundamentals of material movement and the associated procedural controls
Skills To
Communication, Sharing Knowledge, Dependability, Quality of work:
Ability To
Operate material handling equipment; analyse data and reports to support decision making
Customer Focused, Team Spirit and Integrity
Mining Machine Manufacturers
Professional, Dynamic
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 25 and 55 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Kitwe, Zambia
Nationals Only
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Remuneration will be paid in ZMK.
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