Job - HEAD OF AFTERMARKET (Aftermarket Sales and Services)
12 Apr
85,000 ZAR ~$6,053 USD HEAD OF AFTERMARKET (Aftermarket Sales and Services)
Automotive/Machinery, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Nationals Only

Our client started their journey in October 1985 with the formation of their motor company, in Tanzania, for the distribution of agricultural machinery and equipment, with a strong focus on customer expectations and a passion to exceed them they are now expanding in South Africa and looking for a Head of Aftermarket (After sales and services) to join the team. Cvs sent to client more applications are welcome.

Position Published
12 Apr 2017
Position Updated
24 Apr 2017
Applications Invited
16 Applications
Talent Search
In Progress
Shortlist Sent to Client
7 Shortlisted
Interviews Pending
0 Interviewed
Job Offer Pending
60% Complete
Applications Invited
Search In Progress
Shortlist Sent to Client
Interviews Pending
Job Offer Pending
16 Applications
7 Candidates Shortlisted
0 Candidates Interviewed
60% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Senior Management
Supervision Of
Interacts With
Management, Staff, Clients, Customers
Job Description
Responsible for Aftermarket Service and Spare Parts business in the region and achieving consistent business growth.
Assist Sales & Marketing departments by providing superior customer service.
Explore possibilities of adding new product lines, product offerings and more importantly design value added propositions and or solutions
Monitor our product performance, failures, services fixes, PQR, Warranty Claims through on the ground workshop managers.
Monitor and assist in improvement of productivity, efficiency and revenue for the workshop staff across the region.
Explore possibility of increasing aftermarket channels end user sales, counter sales, authorized work shop, parts outlets, key accounts, 2S network etc.
Undertake continuous improvement of skill sets of the technical staff in collaboration with training department.
Responsible for workshop facilities, tools, equipments for existing and upcoming 2S facilities
Under take regular visits to the customers, 2S network in the region on regular basis.
Develop & maintain business plans regarding after sales in close cooperation with the Sales Managers and dealers, Initiate and implement Marketing & Sales campaigns in the region customised for respective country and occasion and market dynamics.
Candidate Specification
10 years
Education Level
Diploma Level
Diploma in Automobile/ Bachelors
Computer Literate advanced
Industry Related
Knowledge Of
aftermarket Service and Spare Parts business
Skills To
develop & maintain business plans regarding after sales
Ability To
adhere and maintain highest standard of Compliance and HSE as outlined in the company policy.
Cient and customer centric, service orientated
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 25 and 50 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationals Only
Between 80,000 and 85,000 ZAR
- in USD
Between $5,696 and $6,053 USD
Currency conversions are provided only for comparative purposes.
Remuneration will be paid in ZAR.
This job is closed from applications.
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