Financial Services, Harare, Zimbabwe

Reporting to the Legal Manager and Risk Manager, the required incumbent will perform the functions within the risk management framework to ensure regulatory compliance and sound legal management as directed by the Chief Legal Officer. The successful incumbent will hold a Bachelor of Laws Degree and will have at least 12 months experience. Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals. Cvs sent to client and interviews have been held. Candidate 317221 has been invited for a final interview

Position Published
27 Aug 2019
Position Updated
27 Sep 2019
Applications Received
82 Applications
Talent Search
In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
9 Shortlisted
Interviews In Progress
2 Interviewed
Job Offer Pending
60% Complete
27 Aug
Applications Received
Search In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
Interviews In Progress
Job Offer Pending
82 Applications
9 Candidates Shortlisted
2 Candidates Interviewed
60% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Legal Manager and Risk Manager
Supervision Of
Interacts With
Staff / Clients / Stakeholders
Job Description
Regularly review and remain abreast with all statutes, regulations and government policies applicable to the organisation
Manage the adversarial process. This includes briefing and interfacing with external legal counsel where necessary and handling breaches of the organisations rules, regulations, policies and directives
Provide accurate and timely legal counsel to ensure the organisations legal conformity and mitigation of legal exposure
Draft, review and interpret all the organisations contracts and agreements
Provide advice and opinions in the structuring of the organisations transactions, being mindful of all legal implications, and advise on queries regarding the operation and content of legal agreements.
Review proposed product and services offerings to ensure compliance with prevailing legislation and appreciation of associated legal and compliance risks
Establish internal and external compliance reporting framework for review by interested stakeholders
Recommend the implementation of contractual remedies available to the organisation where necessary to mitigate risk, once identified
Perform transaction risk assessments and provide and implement best practice recommendations
Conduct legal due diligence reports and review potential and ongoing transactions
Draft internal and external communications to the organisations stakeholders as directed
Maintain comprehensive legal and compliance protocols to ensure that trading takes place in a secure, transparent and efficient manner
Maintain an up to date filing system of all related legal matters and contracts.
Any other duties as assigned
Candidate Specification
1 years
Education Level
Bachelor of Laws
Trade related
PC / Laptop
Knowledge Of
Reporting and Analysis
Skills To
Communicate effectively / Work within a team
Ability To
Manage relationships / Make balanced and sound decisions
Innovative / Confident / Assertive
Experience in financial services and a practicing certificate is an added advantage.
Financial Services
Fast Paced / Results Driven
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 24 and 30 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Harare, Zimbabwe
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Not Calculated
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Remuneration will be paid in RTGS.
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