Agriculture, Mumbwa, Central Province, Zambia
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The Outgrower Manager is responsible for the overall management of outgrower business as an independent business unit with support from the Operations Manager to optimise the profitability and sustainability of the business. The Outgrower Manager will, through the selected team of field extension officers promote and maximise the production levels of the small farming divisions. The Outgrower Manager plays a key role in the strategic direction and planning of the outgrower business and is instrumental in the implementation of the departmental objectives.

Position Published
5 Sep 2019
Position Updated
5 Sep 2019
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86 Applications
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5 Sep
Applications Received
Search In Progress
Shortlist In Progress
Interviews In Progress
Job Offer Pending
86 Applications
10 Candidates Shortlisted
4 Candidates Interviewed
60% Complete
Job Specification
Reporting Structure
Reporting To
Operations Manager
Supervision Of
Interacts With
HODs , Management,Farmers, Field Coordinators, Donor support services
Job Description
Selection and implementation of a credible and accountable outgrower team
Planning an integrated outgrower model and implementation within certain guidelines.
Preparing an outgrower budget and providing detailed reports in line with budget adhesion or diversion
Providing support to outgrower farmers to maximise the productivity and ensuring maximum returns for the farmers as well as the outgrower business
Designing and implementing controls and systems that can monitor and evaluate the performance of the Outgrower team members. Implement software and technology that provide sufficient data for the monitoring, evaluation and control of the business, its farmers and employees.
Design and implement a procurement system for all grains produced by the outgrower business and be accountable for the performance of the business. Ensure the procurement and payment of all farmers are in line and all stock balances are maintained and reported on.
Communicate regularly, clearly and consistently with written reports on the performance of the business and ensure comprehensive reporting from each of the employees within your department.
Maintain a good relationship between employer and employees in the department and give concise direction to the employees daily. Maintain a close relationship with the farmers with a view to grow the business organically year on year
Maintain strict adherence to the outgrower Policy of the company and maintain the face of the department permanently
Maintain the issuing of the relevant inputs to responsible farmers and be accountable for any stock deviation relating to inputs and procured grain.
Candidate Specification
5 years
Education Level
Diploma or B Degree with extensive experience
MS Office
Job related
Knowledge Of
Extensive experience relating to the small scale farming relationships and business models. Agricultural background with a flair for sound business practices
Skills To
Maximise the production levels of the small farming divisions
Ability To
Optimise the profitability and sustainability of the business
Leader, Organised
Fast paced, interactive
Gender Profile
Age Profile
Between 30 and 50 years of age
Terms And Conditions
Mumbwa, Zambia
Nationals Only
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